Macron Now Widely Unpopular Among French Voters

French President Emmanuel Macron is now widely unpopular among French voters, according to a new Ifop poll.

The poll found that 57 percent were not satisfied in Macron’s presidency –  a 14 percent increase compared to the last poll in July.

Only 40 percent expressed satisfaction with Macron, a 14 points decrease.

After he became France’s youngest head of state in modern history, Macron enjoyed high approval rates and sought to build an image of a charismatic leader, but his popularity plummeted only a few months into his presidency.

Macron, who vowed to reform France’s economy, proposed large budget cuts, but his new labor laws have been opposed by the country’s unions.

“Some people are starting to get the feeling that he is an exceptional charmer and a communicator but whose Hollywood-like style of communicating is actually an instrument to bring in austerity policies,” said Jerome Fourquet a political scientist from Ifop.

Macron’s predecessor, Francois Hollande, remained one of the most unpopular French Presidents in modern history, and his approval ratings hit single digit numbers during his single term.

Many hoped that Macron would bring new energy to the Elysee, with his energetic leadership style and emphasis on reforms, but others described him as a ‘little monarch’, and criticized his proposed labor reforms.

Macron faced sharp criticism from the French far-left, who accused him of ‘cheating’ the voters.

French unions organized big protests across French cities against Macron’s new labor reforms. French anti-riot police clashed with demonstrators in Lyon last week.

With the growing opposition against him, Macron is in for a hard time as President.

Photo: Reuters