Macron Spends €26,000 on Makeup


French President Emmanuel Macron spent 26,000 euros on makeup during his first three months in office, it was revealed on Friday.

“The sum covers various services including press conferences and foreign trips where the person concerned has to travel with him,” one Elysée official told journalists.

The official said the bill was high, ‘but less than his predecessor’s”.

Macron’s predecessor Francois Hollande reportedly spend 30,000 euros for makeup.

The Elysee Palace settled two bills from Macron’s personal makeup artist, one for 10,000 and another for 16,000 euros.

Macron has faced criticism from political opponents for his lavish expenses, at a time when he is proposing budget cuts and new labor laws. French media dubbed the story ‘Makeupgate’.

Sources close to the President said the makeup artist had been called in as a matter of urgency, but promised future makeup bills would be significantly reduced.

Since entering office in May, Macron has tried to build an image of a strong leader, and was give the nickname ‘Jupiter’. Contrary to his widely unpopular predecessor Hollande, also called ‘Mr Normal’, Macron fosters the image of a firm leader.

However, his popularity ratings plummeted after his proposed budget cuts and liberal labor laws.

Macron beat Front National’s Marine Le Pen in the presidential election run-off in May, to become France’s youngest head of state in modern history.

He inherited a country troubled by economic problems, terrorism and an increasingly divided society.