Macron to visit Germany on his first official day as President

French President-elect Emmanuel Macron to visit Berlin on Monday

Just a day after his presidential inauguration on Sunday, France’s President-elect Emmanuel Macron will go to Berlin where he is expected to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Macron’s inauguration is scheduled for May 14. Macron, who beat Front National’s Marine Le Pen in French Presidential election run-off on May 7, strongly advocates European integration.

Macron’s aide said that his visit to Germany aims at ‘stressing the importance of the relationship with Germany to relaunch European project’.

“We want to work together on a few priorities: security, economy, investment and social protection,” the aide told Reuters on Friday.

The visit to Germany will be Macron’s first official visit as President of France. However, Macron had already met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel during the election campaign. Germany strongly backed Macron’s presidential bid and Merkel was one of the first European leaders to congratulate Macron on his victory.

Source: France24

Photo Credit:  Tobias SCHWARZ, Jean-François MONIER / AFP