Macron’s Deplorable Moment: Calls Le Pen Voters Hateful, Cowardly, True Enemies


History doesn’t repeat itself, it just rhymes. Or what was that saying? Those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it? Regardless of old quotes, it now seems that Marine Le Pen will be the next president of France and the country’s first female president since I don’t know, Joan D’arc? I am just kidding of course, but the thing is, that weird guy Emmanuel Macron, who married his high-school teacher and had a Rothschild sugar-daddy prior to becoming the elite’s presidential hopeful just had a Hillary/deplorables moment on Thursday.

And judging from what happened to Hillary after she called half the country a basket of deplorables, xenophobic, racist, Islamophobic and all the made-up words in any respectable globalist’s paraphernalia, well, we all know the rest of the story. The funny thing is that now  the establishment candidate, Mr.  Macron respectively, just proved that he learned nothing from the US election as he did the same stupid thing, i.e. he mocked his opponent’s (Marine Le Pen) voters calling them hateful cowards, true enemies and Anti-France.

And he did that at the worst possible moment, a few days from the Sunday’s presidential election in front of a 10,000 crowd in Paris. Let’s quote Macron himself:

“They’re here. It’s they. It’s they who are our true enemies. Powerful, organized, skillful, determined. “You pass them in the streets, in the countryside or on the web, most often well hidden. As hateful as they are cowardly. You know them. The party of the agents of the disaster, the fearmongerers. The French far-right. It’s here”.

This sounds strangely familiar, it’s almost like Macron and Hillary share the same campaign advisers. How do you say “oops” in French? Remember, Clinton was ahead in the polls too…

Photo: Getty