Mainstream Media Bias Against Trump Sets New Standard for Negativity

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According to a scientific study, the mainstream media bias against President Donald Trump has set new records in 2017. The phrase used in the respective study was actually “a new standard for negativity”, which is a polite way to say that any pretense of journalistic objectivity and integrity has been dropped by the corporate lapdog mainstream media in their fight to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency at any cost.

The study was made by Harvard, which is by no means a bastion of conservatism/right wing politics, but quite the opposite. However, the Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center study thoroughly documented the MSM’s patent anti Trump bias and you can take that to the bank folks. Basically, during the POTUS’ first 100 days into office, the mainstream media coverage was almost entirely negative, 93% negative to be exact when it comes to the “very fake news” CNN and NBC outlets, which were pathologically critical of Donald Trump’s policies.

The study released on Thursday concluded that President Trump’s coverage by the MSM “set a new standard for negativity.” end quote. Analyzing the coverage of POTUS’ first 100 days into office by ten major European and American major news outlets, the study found that Donald Trump was the main topic of 41% of all news stories, which is 3x that of Barack Obama by the way. Yet, despite Trump’s greatest hits heavy rotation (pun intended), 80 percent of the coverage was negative/critical, which compared to Barack Obama’s 41% of negative coverage during his first 100 days into office seems quite a lot. Bill Clinton received 60% negative coverage and George W. Bush 57% .

The study notes that:

“In no week did the [Trump] coverage drop below 70 percent negative and it reached 90 percent negative at its peak,”

Obviously, the main culprits are, to no one’s surprise, WaPo and the NYT, which covered Donald Trump negatively 83% and 87% of the time respectively, while NBC and CNN broke world records with 93% of negative news reports. Again, to no one’s surprise.

Fox News was pretty balanced with regard to Trump coverage, at least compared to the rest of the TV networks, with 52% of its news reports being negative. The study concluded bitterly:

“The nation’s watchdog has lost much of its bite and won’t regain it until the public perceives it as an impartial broker, applying the same reporting standards to both parties,”



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