Man Traveled to Washington DC to Kill ‘all white police’ at White House

michael arega kill all white police

The US Secret Service arrested a Dallas man in the close vicinity of the White House, who reportedly traveled to Washington DC to kill, let me quote the suspect’s words, “all white police”. The Secret Service’s Protective Intelligence Division was put on notice by the Montgomery County Police Department in Maryland on Monday at approximately 2.55 p.m. to be on the lookout for the suspect, namely Michael Arega.

As per  Montgomery County Police’s intel, the lookout was issued to the Secret Service after the suspect’s wife contacted local police about her husband threatening to kill “all white police”. Arega was reportedly staying at the  Days Inn hotel in Silver Spring and he was paid a visit by police, yet he was nowhere to be found. As per a Secret Service statement:

“Secret Service personnel at the White House immediately increased their posture of readiness and began searching for Arega,”

The suspect was located and detained by the Secret Service’s uniformed officers at 4.05 p.m. on the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue near Lafayette Park. No weapons were found on his person and he was taken into custody by the Metropolitan Police Department and charged with making felony threats.

According to Arega’s wife, the suspect posted threats on Facebook which read:

 “Now i am going to there to white House make sure kill All white POLICE !!

and he also threatened the President:

Put him on jail Donald J Trump mighty name of Jesus Christ.

threat trump

What can I say other than this guy seems to believe that “it’s okay to be white” is hate speech?