Manchester Bomber Father, Brother arrested in Libya, Al Qaeda-link

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According to witnesses and officials including a counter terrorism force spokesperson, the father and one of the brothers of the suicide-bomb attacker who massacred 22 people have been arrested by security personnel in Tripoli, Libya’s capital on Wednesday and Manchester respectively.

Ramadan Abedi, the attacker’s father is known to have been a member of an Al Qaeda connected terrorist group in Libya. Abdel-Basit Haroun who is a former Libyan security official told the press that he personally knew the man, when he was a soldier of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, a terrorist organization linked with Al Qaeda in the 1990’s.

Even if the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group disbanded eventually, Ramadan Abedi still belongs to the Salafi Jihadi  organization, according to Abdel-Basit Haroun. The Salafi Jihadi group is the most extreme of Salafist sects, from which both the Islamic State (ISIS) and Al Qaeda hail.

Ramadan Abedi, the father of Salman Abedi (the Manchester bomber) was also known as Abu Ismail and he chose to return to Libya after Qaddafi’s removal back in 2011. The father of the Manchester terrorist denied his son involvement with the suicide bombing in Manchester during a phone interview for AP, saying that his family has nothing to do with killing innocents. Also, he claims that he spoke with his son not 5 days ago, as he was preparing to visit Saudi Arabia for Ramadan; everything sounded “normal”.

The Manchester terrorist, Salman Abedi respectively, also visited Libya a month and a half ago. His brother Ismail Hesham was arrested in Chorlton, south Manchester on Tuesday morning and he reportedly admitted that the Manchester attack was pre-planned and he had connections with the Islamic State, while receiving money from his elder brother, according to the Special Deterrence Force. Until now, six persons related to the Manchester Arena suicide-bombing have been arrested in the UK, in what has been descried as a “terror network”. Stay tuned.

Ismail and Ramadan Abedi, sourced from Facebook

Ismail Abedi was detained in Chorlton, south Manchester; his father, Ramadan, was held in Tripoli
Hashem Abedi

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