Manhunt for the Van Driver Behind Barcelona Attack, Police Kills 4 Terrorists

Catalan police said it killed several terrorist suspects in the town of Cambrils, south of Barcelona. Police had already arrested two men, but the driver of a van that drove into crowds of tourists in the popular La Rambla street in Barcelona, fled on foot.

There is still not clear information how many attackers had been involved in the attack that left 13 killed and 100 wounded, some seriously.

The dramatic manhunt continued into the night, in the town of Cambrils, to the south of Barcelona. So far, the police said several attackers were killed in a shootout, and the public was warned to stay clear of the area during the operation.

“We have killed the alleged perpetrators,” Catalan police wrote on Twitter. “We work on the hypothesis that the events of Cambrils respond to a terrorist attack.”

As reported by BBC, Catalan police said the shooting in Cambrils, the van attack in Barcelona and the earlier incident in Alcadar, when an explosive device at a house killed 1 and injured 16, were all connected.

The authorities told residents of Cambrils to stay home to “avoid the streets and lock themselves in the house”.

ISIS has already claimed responsibility for the deadly Barcelona attack, via its news agency Amaq. “The perpetrators of the Barcelona attack are soldiers of the Islamic State and carried out the operation in response to calls for targeting coalition states”, the statement said.

Latest information from the El Pais newspaper said that one of the injured in the shooting in Cambrils is a police officer. Spanish police said that the situation in the town is ‘under control’.

Source: Reuters, RT

Image: Getty