Marches Against ‘Sharia Law’ Nationwide, ‘We will not yield to Islamic exceptionalism’

sharia in the US

Anti-sharia (Islamic law) demonstrations took place all over the US on Saturday, with anti-Islamic activists delivering speeches and waving American flags in cities across the country. However, in good leftist tradition, the anti-Islamization rallies were met by counter-demonstrations in a number of places, exposing the loss of free speech and freedom of association which has become the norm in recent months, since Donald Trump entered the White House.

The anti-sharia marches are raising awareness with regard to sharia law, which is a mortal threat to any personal-freedom-based/egalitarian Western society. The conservatives attending the rallies (describes as Nazis and Islamophobic by the leftist corporate media) protested honor killings, genital mutilations and other cute practices which are associated with sharia law and they were organized by a lobbyist organization, ACT for America respectively, which has close ties to President Trump’s new administration.

Truth be told, the turnout was pretty small, with crowds ranging from a few dozens to a few hundred people in most of the cities, yet the counter demonstrators appeared in full throttle, outnumbering the marchers against sharia almost ten to one in some places. The counter-demonstrators used bullhorns, drums and cowbells trying to stifle their opponents voices. ACT drew a lot of flak from so called civil rights groups, who were accusing the organization of being excessively harsh when it comes to criticizing Islam. However, in the words of Pax Hart, who organized the NY city rally with regard to leftists trying to shut it down:

“We’re here protecting their rights, and they’re trying to shut us down!“It’s insane!”

Pawl Bazile, who is a member of the Proud Boys group tried to explain sharia law in very simple terms, easy to understand even for social justice warriors:

“We understand what Islam is, and we say ‘no. You’re in the land of Budweiser and bikinis, for God’s sake. Anyone who does not like it can move to Saudi Arabia or Syria.

In layman’s terms, Pro-Sharia means Anti-Women, anti gay rights, anti LGBT, anti freedom of speech . Sharia law forbids alcohol, pork, criticizing Islam and so on and so forth. Get educated, Liberals. What happened to women’ rights? Where are the feminists?

A few arrests were made in places where anti-sharia protesters were met by leftist counter-demonstrators but no injuries/rioting/destruction of property were reported. Truth be told, people who are counter-protesters to anti-Sharia are pro-Sharia, nothing else. At these demonstrations they’re not “anti-Trump” and they’re not “anti-Islamophobia.” They’re PRO-SHARIA. Which is DISGUSTING.