Marine Le Pen Won’t Win, Says Juncker

EU Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker says Marine Le Pen won’t win French Presidential election

With a little more than one month before the first round of French Presidential election, European Union Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker said in an interview with Bild am Sonntag that: “The European Union will survive Marine Le Pen because she won’t become President.”

“And even if she did, it would not be the end of the European project. But it would certainly rock the boat. So I hope that pro-European forces will win in France,” Juncker added.

The EU Commission President also commented on the relationship between the Union and US President, Donald Trump, which he described as “something akin to estrangement.”

The fact that the American president welcomes the U.K.’s decision to leave the EU and is encouraging other countries to follow suit is an unprecedented phenomenon. We need to engage in intensive dialogue.

In regard to the upcoming Brexit negotiations, Juncker said the Commission has “everything prepared down to the last detail.” Juncker warned that the UK: “will need to prepare itself to be treated as a third country. There will be no half-membership or cherry picking. In Europe, the choice is to eat what’s on the table or not come to the table at all.”

The first round of presidential election in France will be held on April 23, and the run-off between two candidates with most votes two weeks later.

Important election will also be held in Germany in September, where the incumbent Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing a strong challenge from the Social Democrats led by former EU Parliament President, Martin Schulz.

Source: Politico Europe