Mattel Announces First Hijab Wearing Barbie

burka barbie

Well, that didn’t take long: Mattel just revealed their latest creation, the first Barbie doll to wear a hijab. The Muslim Barbie doll is inspired by the facial features of Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad. The fencer was very happy with having a Barbie doll that looks just like her, saying that this is one of her childhood dreams come true. The new burka-Barbie or whatever is part of Mattel’s She-ro line.

Mattel posted:

“We are so excited to honor Ibtihaj Muhammad with a one-of-a-kind Barbie doll! Ibtihaj continues to inspire women and girls everywhere to break boundaries.”

Now, let the jokes begin:

I bet the new hijab Barbie doll will be a blast, literally. I mean, this will make for the first Barbie you’ can strap fireworks to, right? And that’ll be just fine. Seriously, Burka-Barbie would’ve made for a better name, don’t you think? I heard that honor killing and female-genital-mutilation accessories are going to be sold separately.

Too bad hijab Barbie only has one outfit, yet we can hope for suicide-vests to be also sold separately, and the same goes for the burka-vest. Kids should be aware that hijab Barbie can’t drive (forget about Barbie’s convertible), can’t work (as in making cookies for Muhammad Ken) outside her home, can’t be seen in public alone and can’t vote (however, that’s not a real issue with a doll). I wonder if Muhammad Ken will have his own bacha bāzī harem…

Moreover, the doll for Muslim boys will be called Baghdadi Barbie or Jihad Joe? And finally, what happened to the Islamic rule which forbids the depiction of faces? This is from the UK:

  • Featureless doll with no eyes, nose or lips produced for Muslim children 
  • It complies with Muslim teachings that living things should not be created 
  • Doll took 4 years to design and is aimed at children in strict Muslim homes
  • Has been designed by Ridhwana B, a former Lancashire school teacher 
  • ‘Deeni doll’ is being sold for £25 and is marketed as ‘Shariah compliant’ 
  • But academic said it was ‘foolish’ as Muslims are not ‘frozen’ in history