Maxine Waters: ‘I Am Not Running for Anything Except the Impeachment of Trump’

mad max waters

Speaking of the necessity of term limits for Congress, here’s long-life politician and professional black Maxine Waters (Dem. California) admitting her political agenda to be nothing more than getting President Trump impeached. During her Friday appearance on The View, Maxine Waters was asked if she’s planning to become the first female president of the USA in 2020. Her answer was infantile and pathetic:

“I am not running for anything except the impeachment of Trump,”

Maxine Waters warned the POTUS last month during a New Hampshire “happening” that Democrats are organizing (imagine our shock) for bringing him down. We’re 7 months into Donald Trump’s presidency and Democrats are still having a hard time comprehending the meaning of democracy and free elections. To quote Maxine Waters’ immortal words of wisdom:

“Mr. President, we are organizing. And we are organizing to bring you down. And bring your agenda down.”

Basically, when you don’t have any ideas nor plans for the American people, what else is left than trying to destroy the man who won the election fair and square and he’s now fighting the establishment tooth and nail for following on his campaign promises. That’s the Democratic party for you in a nutshell. Maxine Waters also called President Trump to be the most deplorable person she has met and promised to bring down Vice President Pence too (she first said Putin, but senility doesn’t forgive anyone) after finishing with getting the POTUS impeached.


If anyone needs impeachment, it should be Mad Maxine. This woman makes some of the most outrageous statements based solely on her wacko opinions. How or why do her constituents put up with her nonsense, it’s beyond me. I would seriously be wondering how she could even do her job with all of the appearances she makes for the sole purpose of defaming the President. Honestly, is this why we have representatives? So they can spew their hate 24/7? Here’s one for Mad Max: step aside and let someone who actually wants the job have it!

This is the Democrat Party in 2017:  Clowns, Buffoons and Crazy Angry Old Broads full of hate. She called VP Pence “Putin” and didn’t even realize it until Behar pointed it out…. just like  with Nancy Pelosi, Alzheimer is setting in slowly but surely.