May Day Turns into Mass Riot in Paris

Even if almost ten thousand police officers were deployed in the streets of Paris for the traditional May Day march, chaos ensued after violent protests turned into carnage following massive riots against Marine Le Pen.The police was forced to deploy tear gas and baton charges against violent ANTIFA rioters in order to regain control of the streets. Central Paris was the scene of incredible violence, as fighting broke out in the close vicinity of Place de Bastille.

The extreme left rioters were shouting “Fascists Out”, thus expressing their anger at Marine Le Pen’s success in the first round of the presidential election. Front National leader Marine Le Pen will confront the so called independent (and mainstream media favorite) Emmanuel Macron on Sunday. In ANTIFA’s vision, Marine Le Pen is a hater and a racist because she want to preserve France’s language, borders and culture as the country is confronted with a massive refugee crisis,which is encouraged by Germany and the leftist EU leaders in Brussels and their lapdog corporate media.

The police used tear gas and baton charges in their attempt to control the rioting crowds, mostly ANTIFA activists in full riot gear, i.e. with hoods, masks and goggles. May Day is traditionally a protest day in France, as the country is very left at its core, with the vast majority of its leaders leaning left with regard to economic policies and welfare.

Marine Le Pen delivered a speech at the Exhibitions Park at Villepinte in front of National Front supporters, where she called on Nationalist France (her words) to rise up.According to reports, the hooded/masked rioters protested against both candidates and they threw rocks and Molotov cocktails onto security forces, injuring 2 policemen.

If you’re marching in solidarity against your own country, in the face of more than 30 attacks by islamic terrorists in the last couple of years, and think nationalism is fascism, there is something wrong with you.