Meanwhile in France: Street Gang Brutally Stomps Police Woman Over New Year’s Celebrations

paris cops brutally beaten by immigrants

A street gang brutally beat up a French police woman and her captain in Paris over New Year’s Eve celebrations. The 2 french law enforcement officers were left with badly bruised bodies and head injuries after they responded to a call for help at a Paris New Year’s Eve party.

As you can see from the video, a band of black street thugs had no issues with beating up 2 police officers, one of them being a woman. This horrific incident took place in the Champigny-sur-Marne region of France, southeast of Paris.

Champigny-sur-Marne, which is the home of three “Zones Urbaines Sensibles” — French government language for areas of extreme deprivation which are known in common discourse as heavily migrant-populated No Go Zones — is also the former home of suspected French Islamic State executioner Michael Dos Santos.

A number of party-goers were forbidden to enter the premises, then a street fight broke up, followed by the arrival of police officers at the scene. At that point, the street thugs stopped the riffraff and instead targeted the two French cops who responded to the emergency call. In the very brutal video above you can see how the female cop was pushed by the street gang onto the ground and then savagely kicked in the head a number of times. You can also admire the cultural enrichment of destroying private property, i.e. a car being ravaged, turned on its side and beat up with sticks. According to an Express article citing a witness:

“The captain had tried to defend the pair using a tear gas canister, but was badly beaten up,”

President Macron has said about the incident:

“Those guilty of the cowardly and criminal lynching of police doing their duty on the night of December 31st will be found and punished.”

Liberalism is all lies, but the greatest lie is: “Diversity is our strength”. And yet,  the French still elected Macron with his “open door” refugee invitation. The children of today’s French/German children will still be paying the price of these Liberal leaders.

When one types “Paris New Year’s Eve 2018” into Google, it pops up with advertisements for best places to visit in Paris for New Year’s, right below news articles blaring that 1000+ cars were torched and police were beaten. Can honestly say I crossed Paris off my list of European places to visit; the list is getting smaller every year.