Meanwhile in Germanistan: Government Stops Deportation of Convicted Terrorist Because It’s Against His Human Rights

Government Stops Deportation of Convicted Terrorist Because It's Against His Human Rights

Multiculturalism is the gift that keeps on giving, and today we have news from Germany, whose government refused to deport  a convicted terrorist to Turkey, citing concerns for the jihadist’s human rights, i.e. he may be tortured in the Turkish prison and that’s not kosher.

The hero of our story has been found guilty by a German court of traveling to Syria in order to join/support a “banned terrorist group” (I wonder which one may be), and he’s also facing terror charges in Turkey, where’s an outstanding court case against him.

#Germany – German court stops deportation of a convicted jihadi to Turkey, due to the possibility of him being tortured in Turkey. The German government needs to make sure there will be no infringements against ECHR first. –

— Terror Events (@TerrorEvents) January 10, 2018

However, after the jihadist wrote a letter to Amnesty International, arguing that living conditions in Turkish prisons are not good enough for a self respecting terrorist, i.e. the torture is unbearable citing another jihadist’s (presumably a friend of his) experience in such an establishment, the German government stopped his deportation. Here’s a hilarious response from a Twitter user:

Now, if you ask me, convicted ISIS terrorists also known as Jihadists have already voluntarily forfeited their human rights when they’ve decided to leave the West for killing and raping in Middle East war-zones.