Meanwhile in Germanistan: State-TV Soap Opera Tells Children to Convert to Islam


Just when you thought you’ve heard them all, Germany manages to pull another trick out of its multicultural hat. According to a new report courtesy of /pol/ News Network, it now appears that native German kids are brainwashed to convert to Islam. What’s most disturbing is that the soap-opera promoting Islam is funded and aired by a state-funded TV-channel, which means the German authorities are making pro-Islam propaganda on German’s own dough. Let that sink in real good. Meanwhile, medieval works of art, incidentally Christian churches, are demolished , while hundreds of new mosques are being built all across Germany.

The video contained in the tweet above shows a state funded TV show on Lindenstraße, with a young German mother (presumably) telling her kid that there’s another name for God, and that’s Allah. Translated from German, the disturbing dialog (more of a monologue) goes something like this:

“Allah, say it, Allah. And from today on I would like that God, which we today call Allah, to become much more important in our lives, and that we pray to Allah and are grateful for all that we have…Do you understand that?”

The mother then asks the kid if he understands, then she leads the little boy in an Arabic prayer. Now, if you ask me, the most scary thing is that the Germans will eat it up and obey, because that’s what Germans do. There’s no common sense, no independent thinking left there whatsoever.

It’s interesting to see how state-sponsored propaganda goes well beyond tolerance towards migrants and instead suggests Germans to adopt the culture of Muslims, instead of trying to convince Muslims to adopt the culture of the host-country. And considering the fact that everything is state-sponsored with (oh the irony) taxpayers monies, it really looks like the German government is working hard at transforming what’s left from German culture into an Islamic one, in something resembling cultural suicide, rather than cultural enrichment. Generally speaking, multiculturalism only leads to zero culture (if you don’t consider perpetual conflict as a form of culture), yet in Germany’s case, the end-game seems to be Islamization.