Meanwhile in Germany: After One Muslim Student Complaining, School Relocates Christmas Party!

germany war on christmas

This is happening in Germany as we speak: a school decided to relocate its Christmas party after 1 (one) Muslim student complained, saying she feels offended by German pupils singing Christmas carols. The school board completely fold to the complaint and announced that “out of consideration for those of other faiths” it would relocate the event.

Moreover, student attendance to the Christmas party will now be voluntary, because some people may be offended by Christmas, while in the past has been compulsory for both teachers and students. The decision followed one Muslim student’s complaint that the singing of Christmas carols is not compatible with Islam (her religion). Obviously, many students were furious at the school board’s decision, some of them arguing that something is being made a problem where none was before.

However, Thurka Parathaman, the student’s spokeswoman, who by her name sounds like a true Bavarian native, has said that the school’s decision was fair, because non-Christian students had to be taken into consideration. As an Italian politician put it in the aftermath of the city of Bolzano removing a Christmas tree from the town hall, out of fear it may offend Muslims:

“Respect for every religion should not be confused with the removal of the traditional symbols on which our society is founded”

I’m fine with the school board not making Christmas attendance mandatory. But relocating the whole party was a mistake. If Christmas offends you, we’ll set aside a place for you to watch something educational or play or something. Better yet, you can stay home. You won’t accrue an absence for it. You won’t be there to wreck things for everyone else. I mean, I wouldn’t expect to have Muslims change their ways in a Muslim school/region/country to accommodate my beliefs in order to keep me from being offended.

Muslims are playing the victim card, very well indeed, thus forcing Christianity deeper underground. The denouement will be the total criminalization of the expression of any religious beliefs, save for Islam. It will therefore be a hate-crime to express any religious beliefs other than once again, Islam.

The first step of retreat is self censorship. The road from this to rampant roundup is far shorter than we are lead to believe.