Meanwhile in Germany: Hundreds of Flights Cancelled after Pilots Refused to Deport Rejected “Refugees”

german pilots refuse to deport migrants

After Germany started paying (from taxpayers monies, obviously) rejected asylum seekers in order to convince them to return home on their own volition (instead of deporting illegal refugees as a normal country would do), i.e. German authorities chose to pay them thousands of euros per family instead of giving them the boot(read this: Here’s How Germany is Dealing with Angela Merkel’s Failed Immigration Policies),we now learn that German pilots were refusing to deport rejected asylum seekers (illegal immigrants posing as war refugees, also known as welfare shoppers), thus more than 200 flights were cancelled. According to a FOIA request, in 2017 alone, more than 200 scheduled flights were forcefully cancelled after German pilots refused to deport rejected migrants.

As per a Deutsche Welle report,the vast majority of the 222 cancelled flights were set to take off from Germany’s largest airport, Frankfurt Airport respectively, after pilots refused to play a part in returning illegal migrants back to Afghanistan. Another 40 flights were cancelled at Dusseldorf Airport, a place which saw a lot of action from pro-immigrant activists protesting against deportations. Germany is the most popular target for illegal immigrants posing as war refugees and it processed more asylum applications than all the other European countries combined (they’re still very efficient when they want apparently).  As per the Geneva convention, a refugee is a person fearing for her/his safety trying to flee a war-zone. A genuine refugee must seek asylum in the ‘first safe country’, yet the new “refugees” travel through 6-7 safe-countries (including Turkey) before arriving in Germany, Sweden or UK  i.e. these are welfare shoppers by any definition, not  war refugees.

Now, even if Germany saw a recent increase in the number of deportations, the country is still the Mecca (pun intended) of “refugees” and migrants entering the EU illegally. Also, it’s interesting to know that in 2017, Germany accepted almost 170,000 asylum requests, but it rejected 210,000.

Getting back to our story, why is this happening, you ask? Well, if you ask me, the pilots refused  to do their job because many pilots who work for Lufthansa are not German, they’re Turks (read Muslims), i.e. is not in their best interest as Muslims to throw out other Muslims.