Meanwhile in Sweden: Dentist Gets Fired after Revealing That 80% of Migrant “Children” are Actually Adults

Bernt Herlitz fired sweden

To no one’s surprise, a Swedish dentist who revealed the “shocking” fact that 80 percent of the so-called children-migrants are actually adults taking advantage of the welfare socialist paradise which is Sweden, lost his job over it. The Swedish dentist’s name is Bernt Herlitz and after doing some pro-bono forensic work, i.e. he checked the molar teeth of hundreds of so-called migrant-children, he discovered that eight out of ten are adults.

Because political correctness and pathological altruism has a headquarters and its name is Sweden, Bernt Herlitz got fired from his job for telling the truth (he allegedly broke patient confidentiality).

To give you a quick recap about Sweden”s horrific experiences with the now famous migrant-children, 2 of them were arrested back in February of 2016 after raping a 12 year old boy at a housing center, i.e. this time they’ve raped one of their own. The respective house center was a shelter for unaccompanied migrants and both men claimed they’re 15 year old children, even if their social media accounts revealed they were born in 1971 and 1997 respectively.

The 2 migrants who raped the 12 year boy recorded their evil dead on their cellphones, which may very well be a cultural thing in their neck of the woods, so let us not judge. According to the Swedish migration agency, up to seventy percent of child migrants are adults, so the dentist was fired for nothing.