Meanwhile in Sweden: Fire brigade Now Need SWAT Team to Enter Migrant Suburb

sweden failed state

Multicultural and oh so tolerant Sweden is getting increasingly closer to become European Union’s first failed state, as we just got news about a fire brigade which required a SWAT team in order to be able to enter an Uppsala (Sweden’s 4th largest city) suburb after a fire alarm went off inside of a 50-car garage.

Yes, you got that right: in Sweden, following mass immigration from the third world (Africa, the Middle East, what have you), the emergency services can’t enter no-go zones (also known as migrant suburbs populated by mostly Muslim immigrants, both legal and illegal) without armed police protection. Why, you may ask? Well, because they get attacked, robbed etc. by friendly immigrants for absolutely no reason other than not all cultures are equal and some are way better than others, but let that go.

Getting back to our story, according to a witness, this latest incident took place in Uppsala’s Gottsunda  suburb, where people had to wait for almost 1 hour before the fire brigade arrived at the scenee, i.e. much too late. A police spokeswoman (off course), Lisa Sannervik respectively, has said that the delay was due to safety measures. And that’s because prior to this fire-alarm going off inside a garage, emergency teams (fire brigade, paramedics etc) were attacked and required responding teams in riot gear to safely escort them in/out of the suburb.