Meanwhile in Sweden: Pro Open Borders Green Party Politician Beheaded…in Congo (VIDEO)

zaida catalan beheaded in congo

We just got word from the open borders, multicultural and oh so tolerant Sweden that a migrant-rights supporter and ardent pro-open border Green party politician, Zaida Catalan respectively, who judging from her name was herself an immigrant in Sweden and former leader of the Young Greens (something very close to a neo-communist party) was beheaded while traveling to Congo in March 2017.

As per a Diversity Macht Frei report, the 37 year old Green Party politician (between 2001 and 2005) was well known as an animal rights activist and also, check this out: equality and the sex purchase law (which she supported). Besides that, Sweden’s Greens are very hard-core about unlimited immigration, diversity and multiculturalism, open borders and all that, endorsing full liberalization of asylum laws, i.e. if an asylum seeker has not been deported within two years, he/she should have an automatic right to permanent residence in Sweden, which further permits family reunification. Also, they support the anchor-child policy, i.e. if you’re born and reside in Sweden permanently, you should be granted citizenship automatically.

Well, our pro open borders/all cultures are equal Swedish feminist was allegedly beheaded while she was traveling to  the Democratic Republic of Congo on a United Nations mission back in March 2017. Catalan and another United Nations employee were kidnapped on March 12 2017 during a mission near the village Ngombe in the Kasai Province and on March 27 they were both found dead in a shallow grave.


Now, if you ask me, she had a close-up encounter with the very thing she wanted all European women to know: the brutal violent reality of white-hating refugees.

She reminds me of the bleeding heart liberal who spit in people’s faces if they expressed reservations about allowing Haitian masses to inundate this country after the 2010 earthquake. She was bouncing around Haitian neighborhoods alone, asserting it wasn’t dangerous, because the only men to be afraid of were what the left detests the most: white men.

She was grabbed by a Haitia and  dragged up to the roof top of one of the buildings, where she was raped. Despite her telling the rapist that she was on HIS SIDE and that they should be comrades, she was raped again. Then repeatedly raped throughout the night.

There was no follow up on the story, whether or not she dropped her bleeding heart nonsense, but with most of these cases, there is no change in opinions or attitudes, especially since the rabid liberal victims are mentally deranged to begin with. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t somehow blame white men for causing the rapist to turn to crime.

Photo via Twitter