Meanwhile in Sweden: ‘We Have Lost Control and Don’t Realize Gravity of Situation’ says Police Officer

Many have no idea how serious the situation in Sweden is

After becoming a pathologically altruistic multicultural society, Sweden embraced a huge wave of migrants, and in the same time, together with mass immigration, a massive migrant-related crime-wave engulfed the former peaceful and homogeneous society. Things are so bad in Sweden, that authorities are completely overwhelmed, even if the left wing government refuses to acknowledge the situation. Back in 2017, a Swedish police officer, Peter Springare respectively, made headlines when he posted on his social media  account (in a very politically incorrect manner) about the current state of “affairs” in Sweden.

Recently, he was interviewed by a Swedish journalist, and he stated that after less than a year, he’s even more worried about the “coming mayhem” in Sweden, while deploring the fact that Swedish people are generally clueless about what’s happening with their country and their society. Just to give you a recent example of what’s happening in Sweden: One dead after explosion outside Stockholm subway station (it was a grenade).

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

 I am deeply concerned about the development. And I’m wondering how far it must go before people in decision-making positions and politicians wake up and see where we are heading. One continues to put the head in the sand. In Helsingborg, but also here in Örebro, one goes out and say we have full control. It’s the other way around, we’ve lost control. And in the next breath one says that this just spurts us, that we do not give in. That we’ll will work even harder. But that’s not the case either. Because I know how one is affected when exposed to threats. It certainly affects. It affects the police operations, both the business and individual police officers. And then the debate will be, is it worth it, should we expose ourselves … I know there are a number of police officers in Örebro who do not want to go to work for example in Vivalla. Because it is unpleasant. When we reach that point, we are in really, really bad shape. When the police end up in a situation where one is afraid to end up in an ambush, then it has gone very, very far and we are in trouble. To me, it’s a mystery how police chiefs to the public persists that we have full control. What do they want to gain?

What is multiculturalism after all, since a so-called “multi-culture” means no culture at all? Multi-culture is an oxymoron. It’s the political Left’s continual bowdlerization of and smashing together of incompatible terms, making any sensible conversation virtually impossible. And finally, all of this leads to the manifestation of horrific things in general society, with ever more strife, crime, offense, grievance – leading to the need for ever-more Totalitarian Government. That’s the end game.

via Voice of Europe

Photo: Speisa