Meanwhile in the UK: Court Rules Illegal Migrants Who Lie About Refugee Status Can Stay!

Court Rules Illegal Migrants Who Lie About Refugee Status Can Stay

Things are getting Orwellian in the UK, after the country’s Supreme Court ruled that Albanian criminals posing as Kosovo refugees are allowed to stay due to a so-called loophole in the law. The court victory will cost the UK taxpayers at least one million pounds and the bad news is that thousands of illegal migrants posing as refugees will now be allowed to remain in the UK, regardless of their criminal past.

During the Yugoslavian war in the 90’s, thousands of Kosovo war refugees found shelter in the United Kingdom, together with thousands of Albanians who arrived illegally pretending to be refugees, thus gaining residence and later citizenship. As per a Telegraph article, Agron Bakijasi, 44 and Dinjan Hysaj, 40, were part of that refugee-wave and they were allowed to stay in the UK in 1999. However, Dinjan Hysaj was exposed as a liar and was sentenced to 5 years in jail in 2011 after he attacked a man in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, in a pub altercation.

Mr. Bakijasi also was caught lying in 2007, yet he reapplied for British citizenship using false documents and, shockingly enough, he became a citizen. Moreover, when the Home Office tried to deport the crooks, their publicly funded attorneys argued that their lies were not sufficient to grant a deportation, and last week the Supreme Court judges ruled that:

It also has a number of illogical and unsatisfactory consequences. Thus it is not clear when the use of a false identity to obtain citizenship by one person will lead to the nullification of the grant of citizenship to those making a derivative claim.”


i.e. since the crooks did not steal anyone’s identity, but instead created “fictional characters”, they can’t be deported. It’s so painful watching a nation be slowly erased. Cultural genocide at the hands of the enemy within. There is no such thing as a loophole in the law that was not put there by some politician for nefarious reasons.  Stories like this always remind me of Mark Steyn who said two decades ago that Europe was lost, and he was roundly ridiculed.