Wave of the Future? Meet Cruise AV, GM’s Self-Driving Car (VIDEO)


Let’s hope that driverless  cars will catch-up with the American public, as it looks like autonomous vehicles seem to be regarded as the future of GM. We just got word that US regulators are set to review General Motor’s request to bring  Cruise AV to the streets of America. Cruise AV  is a very peculiar self-driving, as in autonomous, vehicle. What’s different about Cruise AV is the fact that it doesn’t have a steering wheel nor pedals, and that’s rather strange, i.e. once you’re in it, you’re at the mercy of its computer brain, as in you have no control over it.

According to Sunday’s statement via  US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao:

“It is now coming to the stage with the rapid advancement of self-driving technology that this request is now a reality. So we will view the petition carefully and responsibly.”​

This statement was made on the sidelines of the Detroit Auto Show, as General Motors presented Cruise AV on Friday, while announcing they’ve already asked  the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to exempt the autonomous vehicle from a number of federal standards, due to the fact Cruise AV doesn’t have a wheel nor pedals, hence it cannot meet the standards as a normal car does. According to GM executives, the company intends to hit the US market with a big number of Cruise AV’s by 2019 via a fleet of autonomous taxis, a project which has been described as overly ambitious by market analysts.

What GM execs fail to realize is that most people do not want this. Not now, not ever, i.e.  no government tracking, self driving, snooping computer controlled vehicles. Here’s an idea for you: how about designing a car with no computers that can survive an EMP and climb vertical cliffs with 4×4 traction that gets 20+ MPG for under 20,000$? You know, a product the consumers might actually want to buy without being forced by laws and taxes and insurance policies.
To give you an idea about the brave new world envisioned by the techies (learn about technocracy), if the autonomous vehicles will catch with the public and GM/whomever will produce them en-mass, in the near future they’ll be the only transportation we will be aloud for ‘safety reasons’.
My guess is that the next big thing will be Apple offering a keyboardless and mouseless computer that either does what you tell it or does what it wants, i.e. takes you to sites it thinks that you are or should be interested in, decides when you’re done and makes sure that whatever you view is politically and culturally correct.