Melania Trump Will Not Wear a Hijab in Saudi Arabia

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President Trump is set to begin his 15,600 mile diplomacy tour with a visit to Saudi Arabia on Saturday. The thing is, Saudi Arabia was chosen as the first country to be visited by The Donald i.e. his 1st official overseas destination, in an effort to strengthen diplomatic ties with America’s Muslim allies. Even if Trump was very harsh with regard to Islamic terrorism and Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s main exporters of terrorism (15 out of 19 terrorists on 9/11 were Saudis citizens) and radical Islam (Wahhabi dogma) , Saudi Arabia is also a very important strategic ally of the United States in the Middle East for various reasons (read petrodollar and the military industrial complex via hundreds of billions of dollars in arms sales), but let that go for now.


The news is that the FLOTUS Melania Trump will not have to wear a hijab (the traditional Islamic head scarf all women in Saudi Arabia are forced to wear under the Sharia law) during Trump’s official visit.  While the POTUS’ choice to visit Saudi Arabia first during his diplomatic tour was widely discussed and dissected by the mainstream media, another question has arisen, whether if Melania Trump will be ordered by the Saudis to wear the traditional Muslim attire or not.

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Even foreigners to Saudi Arabia are expected to wear the abaya, a floor length dress, together with the hijab (the headscarf), and obviously we’re talking about women visitors here. However,  when Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir who is Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister was asked whether Melania Trump would have to wear the traditional Muslim attire or not, he replied in a conciliatory fashion that:

“We welcome any style in clothing,”

The thing is, when visiting Pakistan (another Islamic country), Sec. of State Hillary wore the hijab, Michelle Obama also wore it during a trip to Saudi Arabia, yet Melania Trump will not do it.

Marine LePen also refused to wear a head-scarf and she even had to cancel a visit to Saudi Arabia on that issue.

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Source Russia Today


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    Source of this rag is RUSSIA TODAY- and they are LYING. NO first lady has covered her head on a trip to Saudi Arabia. Not Laura Bush, Not Hillary, Not Condaleeza Rice, Not Michelle Obama, Not Angela Merkel of Germany. IT IS NOT REQUIRED. The bullshit pictures RUSSIAN STATE OWNED/PUTIN Owned RT is trying to sell is a HUGE lie. The ONLY time any western woman visiting the Royal family wears anything on their head is if they go to visit a mosque- and then its just polite- as even non-Catholic women cover their head in the Vatican, and anyone who isn’t a brigand who goes to a Jewish holy site (or even a Jewish funeral) would wear a yarmulke out of respect and friendship. Melania is lovely (and we’ve all seen ALL of Melania), but she broke no ground here by wearing the same exact hairstyle without covering it. Loved her outfit, could live without the giant belt- but she looked amazing. Enough with the bullshit FAKE NEWS GARBAGE!

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