Merkel Calls for Germany Burka Ban

Shocking U-Turn


Angela Merkel, Germany’s current Chancellor and “mother of refugees” just made an announcement at a party conference calling for a burka-ban in Germany, as the full veil is “not appropriate here” anymore. Angela Merkel  is preparing for another round of elections hoping for another term as Chancellor, hence the astonishing U-turn, marking a dramatic shift in policy as she seeks to remain in power for another four years.

Merkel’s call to outlaw niqabs and burkas “wherever possible” was made in front of her party,CDU (Christian Democratic Party) respectively, during a conference in Essen and it sparked standing ovations from the public. Together with the burka/niqab ban, Germany’s Chancellor said that she will try to avoid in the future another wave of refugees entering the homeland, basically admitting that the over one million migrant influx from the last couple of years was a big mistake.

However, Merkel is well known for her 2010 statement in which she recognized that the multicultural experiment in Germany had failed miserably. Moreover, her past admission that the attempt to set up a multicultural society in Germany was a failure didn’t  discouraged her to change her mind a few years later and to invite millions of Syrian refugees in the European Union.

Hence, today’s U-turn with regard to banning burkas where legally possible and the whole nine yards must be taken with a big grain of Himalayan salt considering her recent history , especially as Merkel is now entering into a re-election footing. Campaign rhetoric is one thing said critics, actions are a totally different story, as they are accusing Angela Merkel of trying to prop up her conservative fan-base as she’s seeking another term as Germany’s Chancellor.

After pressing the European Union’s leaders with her open borders policy regardless of the huge surge in migrant criminality, sexual assaults and terrorist attacks, Merkel now claims that she just had a swift change of heart so to speak and that’s pretty hard to digest, considering the fact that she basically owns the European Union migrant crisis.

Merkel tried to emphasize the importance of assimilating the over one million Syrian refugees in the German culture, saying that she supports the primacy of German laws over Sharia and tribal rules, as she believes that integration means among other things to “show your face” and that “a full face veil is not acceptable” in Germany.

Truth be told, a total burka ban in Germany would be impossible to enact/enforce considering the huge number of Muslim immigrants in the country and most probably, in the best case scenario, the burka and the niqab may be banned in courts, schools and public institutions. Merkel’s recent tough talk comes as a consequence of  Alternative for Germany (AfD) performing well in the polls as they’re campaigning on a strong anti illegal migration platform, including a ban over halal food, burkas and minarets, together with enforcing border control policies.

Source: The Sun