Merkel Endorses Macron While Le Pen Closes Gap in Latest Poll

Germany’s Chancellor and mother of refugees Angela Merkel has said earlier on Friday that she hopes Mr. Emmanuel Macron will win the French presidential election which is set for May 7th, as he would make for a strong president, as opposed to Marine Le Pen, which is dubbed by the mainstream media as a far right/extremist politician.

The problem with Marine Le Pen is that she’s a nationalist, as opposed to a globalist and she believes that France should have borders and a common language and culture, which is quite the antithesis of globalism, a doctrine that promotes open borders and the mixing of populations (without integration though) regardless of compatibility, moral values, economic status and so on and so forth.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was quoted as saying by the RND news organization on Saturday:

“I haven’t the slightest doubt that Macron, should he win, which is what I hope for, would be a strong president,”

Meanwhile, presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen seems to be able to close the gap with Macron pretty quickly, at least judging from the latest poll. While still being regarded as the underdog on the May 7th vote, Le Pen is now enjoying a huge boost in support. Compared to the latest poll from last week, Marine Le Pen has gained 4%, standing now at 41% of vote intention.

While Macron is widely regarded as a Hollande 2.0 in shiny wrapping and just another socialist posing into a centrist,  an establishment stitch-up so to speak, if he’s predicted by the mainstream media  to win 59% of the votes and considering that polls are never right… we can start considering the possibility of a Le Pen victory.

Also, this election sounds very familiar, nationalist vs globalist and all that jazz. The left is not taking any chances though. They are preemptively accusing Russia for Macron’s loss already.