Merkel: US&UK Are Weak, Calls for German Led EU Army

Says the EU Bloc Cannot Rely on US Protection with Donald Trump in the White House

EU army

Germany’s Chancellor and mother of illegal immigrants, Angela “mutti” Merkel that is, renewed her call for the EU to build its own army, warning the European Union member states that NATO is no longer good enough for her money so to speak.

Of course, she used a fine-tuned diplomatic language and some legalese here and there, but the main idea, the lesson to be taken home from her Friday speech is that with Donald Trump in the White House and the Brexit on the horizon, it’s not safe anymore, i.e. there are no more security guarantees for her country, hence there’s need for an European Union army, led by Germany, who else?

Angela Merkel stated that Brussels will be forced to take more responsibility in the world, whatever that means, as she is expecting a cooling  in the EU/USA diplomatic ties under the Trump administration, who is regarded as an Eurosceptic.

Describing Britain’s decision to leave the failing European Union as “emotional”, she asked the 27 remaining EU members to “hold the line, stay with me” and to work together for closer military cooperation, though she did not mention who’s the enemy that threatens the EU’s integrity/stability and why NATO isn’t good enough anymore.

Merkel called for a new EU army while collecting a couple of honorary degrees from 2 Belgian universities, degrees awarded to her in recognition of her hard work towards a unified Europe or something along these lines. I wonder if the Brexit was mentioned under the achievements column, together with the migrant crisis which alienated many Eastern EU members and set them up against Brussels (read Merkel) and Germany’s (read Merkel again) open-borders policies.

Eurocrats are continuing to press forward with plans for creating their own army via a so called Defense Union, which theoretically is supposed to bring the military cooperation between the armies of the European Union members closer, but in reality is the first step in the inception of an EU standalone army.

While still an EU member, Britain’s pledge to veto them forced Eurocrats to drop their controversial plans for a joint military HQ in Brussels and there are concerns that an EU army controlled by un-elected bureaucrats will render NATO useless and will also eliminate the American influence in Europe.

Is Merkel trying to make Germany great again or to take over Europe, like whom-we-don’t-talk-about? History doesn’t repeat, it just rhymes, don’t you think? Here’s Merkel:

“Let’s not fool ourselves. From the point of view of some of our traditional partners – and I am thinking here as well about the transatlantic relations – there is no eternal guarantee for a close cooperation with us Europeans.

I’m convinced that Europe and the EU will have to learn to take on more responsibility in the world.”


Merkel insisted that only Brussels is able to successfully take care of global problem, as opposed to individual EU states, a statement regarded by many analysts as a practical joke.


Source: Express UK