Merkel Warns USA, UK No Longer Reliable Partners

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Following President Trump’s first foreign visit, Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel aka “mother of refugees” said on Sunday that Europe (she’s not the Chancellor of Europe by the way) must take its fate into its own hands, end quote, as in her view, the European Union can’t rely on USA and UK anymore. Basically, Angela Merkel seems to believe that the decades-old Western alliance was mortally wounded by Donald Trump’s presidency together with that horrible Brexit.

During an election rally in southern Germany (Munich) on Sunday, Chancellor Merkel told the crowd that, let me quote:

The times in which we could completely depend on others are on the way out. I’ve experienced that in the last few days. We Europeans truly have to take our fate into our own hands,

Merkel said that Europe and Germany should remain on good terms with both the UK and USA, yet “we” (as in we, the EU?) have to fight for our own destiny. One may ask what new destiny will await Europe under a German rule? There was a time, not so long in the past, when Germany wished to rule Europe and the consequences were not so great, to say the least. Also, what is Merkel’s vision for Europe? Make Europe Eurabia again ?(hint: Merkel and Germany own the massive wave of so-called  refugees from the last couple of years)

Merkel also made an emphasis on Germany’s great relation with France’s new president Emmanuel Macron. And let’s remember how Marine Le Pen has said prior to losing the election that France will end up being ruled by a woman, regardless of the election results, hinting at Merkel obviously.

Germany’s Chancellor amazing comments arrived in the aftermath of President Trump’s first foreign trip, when he said during a G7 meeting that he’s not sure about the US backing the Paris climate deal anymore, a declaration that made all the Eurocrats/globalists crazy. Trump also bashed NATO members for their failure to meet the defensive financial obligations with regard to military spending of 2% of GDP.

The POTUS is claimed to have said on Friday that Germany’s trade-practices are, let me quote, “bad, very bad”, hilariously complaining that Germany sells way too many cool cars to the US. However, Merkel’s departure from US and Britain seems to signal that globalists are not very happy with Trump’s new world order.

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Photo: Reuters