Mexican Illegal Who Has Been Removed from USA 7 TIMES Crashed Van, Killed Father-of-Three

garcia velasco

Today’s news title may sound highly implausible and not politically correct at all, but this is the brave new liberal world we all live in, whether we like it or not: a Mexican illegal immigrant who has been deported (more or less) from the United States on 7 different occasions drove a van at over one hundred miles per hour after he had drunk 2 six-packs of beer.

Obviously, high speed driving and loads of alcohol don’t mix, so he ended up crashing his vehicle and killing a father of three. The 32 year old illegal Mexican immigrant Nemias Garcia Velasco was charged with homicide via motor vehicle and according to police reports, he told officers he had twelve beers prior to getting behind the wheel. The van was travelling at over one hundred miles per hour when Nemias Garcia Velasco lost control and crashed the vehicle, a 2001 Dodge Ram, thus killing Silvano Torres in the process, i.e. a 58 year old man (his co-worker) who was riding along in the cargo compartment of the van and injuring another passenger,16 year old Jesus I. Gonzalez who was riding shotgun.

US prosecutors released a statement according to which Nemias Garcia Velasco has been deported from the United States on 2 different occasions prior to the unfortunate accident (another 5 times he left “voluntarily”, whatever that means).

According to US Prosecutor Ryan Lindberg, Velasco was traveling down Interstate 80 at around 1 PM local time on Wednesday when the accident happened. The same prosecutor confirmed Velasco to have been convicted of having false citizenship documents  prior to the accident, yet he was let go.

Velasco was drug tested at the hospital and boasted a blood alcohol level of  .243. He suffered severe burns to his face following the crash and he’s currently treated at the Nebraska Medical Center. The dead passenger, Silvano Torres respectively was in the US legally, and according to Rosa Flores who had been dating him, he lived in Omaha for almost 6 years and he loved talking about his three kids, a son and two daughters.

Velasco was charged with motor vehicle homicide and his bail was set at $2 million.