MICHAEL MOORE: Democrats Have ‘no message, no plan, no leaders’

Michael Moore

Michael Moore, the well known left-wing documentary maker and never-Trumper extraordinaire lashed out at the Democratic party on Wednesday, following the epic fail in the special House runoff election in Georgia. In case you’re from another planet or you’ve just quit watching the news, Jon Ossoff , the clueless DEM candidate lost in a big way (some say he got creamed) after his fellow Democrats spent an obscene sum of money trying (and failing) to, how should we put it, buy a Congressional sit in Georgia.

Just as a quick recap, Republican Karen Handel destroyed Democrat Jon Ossoff on Tuesday’s election, even if the latter spent more than fifty million dollars for the race in Georgia’s 6th district, thus making for the most expensive House race in United States history.

The Democrat candidate had 9x as many donors from other states (like California) as from the state he was running for (Georgia), but that wasn’t enough, obviously. The Donald trolled the failing DEMs via Twitter, as expected:





Now, getting trolled by The Donald is one thing, but to get back at our news story, Michael Moore seems to have had enough with Democrat’s ineptitude, but let’s hear it from the big guy himself:





A short analysis: Michael Moore saying DEMs have ‘no message, no plan, no leaders’:

They actually have a message and it’s warped beyond any recognition, i.e. they’re for open borders, which is ludicrous. They’re allocating $50 million dollars in California to defend people who shouldn’t be here in the first place.

People are worried about feeding their families, employment, safety and security, and these bozos are worried about transgender bathrooms and political correctness. Everybody who doesn’t share their vision is a racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobe, deplorable, bigot, Islamophobe, whatever.

They promote safe spaces coddling and catering to the impressionable so as not to hurt their feelings. They shout down any and all opposing ideas, stifling free speech and free exchange of information. Their plan is to obstruct, resist everything and anything Trump, obfuscate, and refuse any and all compromise. They follow a lockstep lemming mentality that only serves their own purpose and promoted agenda. And they can’t even see it, let alone reconcile it.

Michael Moore launched a special website called Trumpileaks earlier in June, where anonymous “leakers” working in “sensitive places” (such as intelligence agencies) are encouraged to break the law for damaging President Trump via  leaking compromising intel, as part of the Democrats #resistance effort. Apparently, that did not work so far, but there’s still hope left among the snowflakes.