Mind-blowing: UK Unarmed Police Ran Away From Knife Wielding Terrorists

London Citizens Had to THROW CHAIRS for Defending Themselves!

UK’s brave new world 2017 requires its citizenry to defend itself against barbaric Islamic terrorists wielding knives and bombs and AK47’s and who knows what else by throwing chairs at the attackers! Yes, you’ve got that right, this is not the Onion but the current state of affairs in the United Kingdom.

Because the country enforces draconian gun control laws and it boasts a totally disarmed and incapable of defending itself citizenry, the UK nationals have become the perfect victims for garden-variety terrorists who are killing them by the dozens using all types of weapons, ranging from knives to cars slammed into pedestrians to nail bombs.

But what’s incredibly stupid is the fact that following Saturday’s terrorist attack on the London Bridge, Londoners had to defend themselves against knife wielding terrorists by throwing chairs at them, because guess what: the brave London police ran away. Why, you may ask? Well, because they were unarmed. The same thing happened recently, when a British cop was stabbed in the back of the head by the London Bridge terrorist a couple of months ago, due to the fact that he was unarmed. Now the same thing repeats, showing that the UK government is completely retarded and incapable of learning from its own mistakes.

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What will happen next time if terrorists will use assault weapons like AK47’s, as they did during the Paris attacks?



Europe is committing suicide – and they’re wearing voluntary blinders while doing it. Britain, Germany, and France need to wake up and smell the #covfefe, if it’s not already too late.


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