Montenegro’s PM says Trump shove made his nation famous

The PM described Trump’s gesture as ‘inoffensive’

Donald Trump’s gesture when he apparently shoved Montenegro’s PM Dusko Markovic at a NATO summit in Brussels is already famous.

The ‘victim’ of the incident himself, Montenegrin Prime Minister, said he is ‘grateful’ for the viral video moment where President Trump shoved him aside on a way to a group photo. The PM of the small nation in the Balkans which recently became the newest member of NATO, went further and said that the incident made his country ‘famous’.

‘I have to say that I’m very grateful that this incident, so to say, took place. Because this is what made us so famous,’ Markovic told Politico Magazine in an interview. ‘This is what made Montenegro so famous.’

Markovic also said it was an ‘inoffensive situation’.

The story of Trump shoving the Montenegrin PM out of his way became a huge hit on the internet, while the mainstream media used it as an example of Trump’s undiplomatic behavior.

The incident occurred during last month’s NATO summit in Brussels, and a video posted online appeared to show the president pushing past the leader of Montenegro. Markovic appeared startled at first, then smiled as Trump pushed his way to the front and adjusted the labels on his suit.

Montenegro, once a part of former Yugoslavia, found itself in the center of confrontation between the West and Russia, as the small Balkan country applied to become the newest member of NATO.

Montenegro accuses Russia of being behind a 2016 plot to assassinate the previous prime minister and stage a coup, in at attempt to disrupt the country’s NATO membership. Moscow has denied the allegations, and even introduced sanctions against some of Montenegro’s officials.

However, some Republican member of the U.S. Senate raised objections in regard to Montenegro’s NATO membership.

Nevertheless, the Senate backed Montenegro’s NATO accession in May.

The reaction of Montenegro’s PM to the event at NATO summit in Brussels may be a sign that President Trump was right to treat his European allies with open contempt.

Source: Daily Mail