More Fake News: MSNBC Claims US Ambassador to Panama Resigned Over Trump’s Alleged ‘Shithole’ Comment

Here’s another proof that all the news from the left wing mainstream media are aimed at hurting President Trump, and there are a lot of fake news instilled between the already-manipulated half-truths that are pedaled daily by the usual suspects. This time, it was MSNBC’s producer Mary Emily O’Hara, who went on Twitter and claimed that US’ ambassador to Panama, John Feeley respectively, quit over President Trump’s alleged ‘shithole’ remarks with regard to immigrants from Haiti and African countries.

The story spread like wildfire across the left wing media landscape, as so-called journalists working for CNN, the Guardian or Time never bothered to check it out. After all, their mission is not telling the truth to their  readers (it’s beyond me why people keep reading those bastions of yellow journalism), but to destroy the POTUS:

US ambassador resigns, saying he can no longer work with Trump …

US ambassador to Panama quits and says he cannot serve under Trump

John Feeley: US Ambassador to Panama quits over Trump

U.S. ambassador to Panama resigns, says cannot serve Trump – Reuters

U.S. Ambassador to Panama Resigns | Time

However, just a few hours after her patent lie, Mary Emily O’Hara admitted it was all made up, i.e. fake news in the POTUS’ parlance.The story told by MSNBC never happened, as John Feeley resigned back in December. Imagine my shock.

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These people are pathological liars; the so-called “journalists” aren’t professionally trained anymore, apparently. No verified sources. Anonymous sources only. Politically biased leak-based networks. Selective reporting and non-reporting. It’s just a corrupt mess. Third world caliber.

“Its our job to tell people what to think.” Mika Brzezinski (Morning Joe)