More Germans Fear Global Warming Than Terrorism

global warming scam

According to a recent scientific poll, the world is a very strange place, but we did not really need a scientific poll to know that, do we? The thing is,the revealed that more Germans fear global warming —also known as climate change—(the jury is still out on global warming so Al Gore is playing it safe, because you know, clime changes since like, forever, hence there are lots of money to make from fear mongering and carbon credits) and that’s very interesting for a country faced with countless Islamic terrorist attacks since 2015.

Following Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel–aka mother of refugees– cultural-suicide policy i.e. to open wide Germany’s (and EU’s for that matter) borders back in 2015, there has been a massive spike in criminality and Islamic terrorist attacks in Germany and all over Europe. Angela Merkel’s “forget about borders” doctrine ended up with her country admitting more than one million (no one knows the exact figure by the way) so-called refugees in less than 2 years (see this article for further reference) . And keep in mind, that’s  Germany alone and the refugee crisis is in full swing (as in they keep coming) as I’m writing this piece.

However, according to a scientific poll which seeks to “test the waters” so to speak prior to September’s general elections, Germans seem to be more concerned with the global warming myth or the planet’s distant future than real-life matters, like the never-ending refugee crisis, terrorism, criminality, rapes and all the benefits brought to Europeans from the third world by forced multiculturalism and leftist mantras about vibrant diversity.

The poll results were released on Tuesday and provided one can still put his/her fate in scientific polls, the dire state of affairs in Germany looks like this: 71% of the surveyed said they’re most concerned about global environmental issues, things like climate change, 65% fear new wars and 63% fear terrorism (the poll conducted by Kantar Emnid Institute is politically correct, i.e. you won’t find the phrase “Islamic terrorism” in there).

Approximately 1000 people were polled and less than 50% declared they’re anxious about the huge wave of refugees pouring into their country (45% to be exact). Unemployment is German’s lest pressing concern, with just 33% being worried about the prospect of losing their jobs. That’s one of the benefits which comes with living in a welfare socialist state by the way, but let that go.

Even if Germans seem to be very worried by Al Gore’s mantra, just 8% will vote with the Green Party (a hard-core leftist-communist party by the way which sees population replacement as desirable and pretty cool) and that’s kind of ironic. However, let’s not forget how pollsters gave Hillary a 95% probability of winning the 2016 presidential election, i.e. the truth lies in the sample.

Anyway, one may ask how a German can be more concerned with iceberg integrity and rising sea levels in 2100 than with real-life issues that impact all the people living in Europe now, such as terrorism and the refugee crisis. It looks like the Germans have been thoroughly brainwashed by the left-wing MSM.