Moroccan Muslims Rioted in Brussels, Stores Looted, ​Police Did Nothing (VIDEO)

muslims riot in brussels

In yet another example of cultural enrichment, hundreds of Muslims occupied the streets of Brussels, Belgium’s capital (and also NATO and EU’s headquarters) last Saturday and started fires, broke windows and engaged in looting private businesses for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

The mainstream media completely ignored the incident, while the local press says the rioting was in response to the Morocco’s football team qualifying for the World Cup soccer (following the qualification match between Ivory Coast and Morocco), but that’s hardly an argument. What does that mean, if Morocco’s national football team would’ve lost, the riots wouldn’t have happened? That’s absurd. A part of Brussels city center was heavily damaged and taxpayers are going to pay for everything, as usual.

The riots started right after the football game ended. Initially, everything begun as a celebration of sorts, but things degenerated quickly as approximately 300 Moroccans decided it would be nicer to transform the former cultural, peaceful, artsy city that was Brussels into something resembling Mogadishu. The thing is, parts of Brussels were literally a war-zone on Saturday, and here’s the kicker: as the rioters were setting cars on fire, enjoying the symphony of destruction, not to mention the looting (it must be a cultural thing in Morocco), the Belgian police in full riot gear stood still and did absolutely nothing.

By nothing, I mean exactly that: nothing. Zero arrests were made, as Brussels police basically normalized violence and vandalism in the name of cultural diversity. Oh, I almost forgot: according to official figures, 22 police officers were injured by the “peaceful” mob.