Mosque Goer Who Knew Manhattan Terrorist: ‘I totally get what he did’

Omar Mosque in Paterson

As per a Thursday interview with a mosque-goer who personally knew Saipov, the Islamic terrorist/ISIS sympathizer Uzbek-national that entered the US via the Diversity Visa Lottery program and ended up killing 8 and maiming 12 with his truck on November 1st., the 29 year old  Sayfullo Saipov committed his heinous attack against innocent civilians (of which 5 were not even US citizens) in response to America’s policy in the Middle East.

The Muslim worshiper  who frequented the same mosque as Saipov is a Pakistani national, Abu Mohammad respectively, 46 years of age, who told the Daily Mail he last saw the Manhattan terrorist at the Omar Mosque in Paterson, New Jersey approximately 2 months ago. He also said he ‘totally gets what he did’.

‘I didn’t know him by name, but I would see him there every two to three months,’

Abu lives in America for almost thirty years and he’s a cement mixer by trade; he described Saipov as having, let me quote:

 ‘beautiful smile, was a nice guy, and someone who never cursed. He called me brother and I did the same back at him.’

The Pakistani immigrant explains Saipov’s terrorist act by blaming the US foreign policy:

‘I totally get what he did. It’s in response to Muslims dying every day as a result of this ongoing conflict. Why doesn’t the media cover that? The U.S. needs to get out and let us run our own affairs. But as long as they meddle and interfere, these terrorist attacks will continue to happen.’

It’s important to see how this Muslim guy Abu, who is living in the US for three decades, still refers to America as a foreign country which doesn’t let Muslims (us) to run our own affairs. He doesn’t feel like he’s integrated a bit.

However, Abu claimed himself to be a Trump supporter, after he got kicked out of the mosque, being branded by a fellow Muslim as an ISIS sympathizer. After he got into a rumble before the afternoon prayer and got kicked out, he said:

‘They don’t like me because I voted for Trump,’

Yeah, right. If I were the FBI, this guy would be on my watch list. Another thing to contemplate is that the NYPD had this mosque under police surveillance some years ago and identified individuals there as potential threats, but liberal mayor De Blasio stopped the police from doing their job, citing Islamophobia and racism. Disgraceful.

 The thing is,  after Linda Sarsour led a campaign complaining that it was Islamophobic, the NYPD dismantled the Demographics Unit in 2014:
“NYPD Monitored Terrorist’s Mosque, But Sarsour Convinced Them To Stop,” KRPC, November 1, 2017:

Back in 2014 the New York Police Department dropped a program that monitored potential suspects of Islamic extremism.

Created in 2005, the program was pretty cut and dry: plain clothed detectives were sent out to mosques and gathering places for Muslims to see if anyone was pushing extremist rhetoric on the community. While it might seem a bit intrusive, this happened in a city of 8.5 million people with as many as 800,000 Muslim residents in the greater metro area, many of whom are foreign born nationals. It’s also the same geographic location as the biggest Islamic terror attack in United States history.

Known as the Demographics Unit, the program seemed to make sense. After all, New York City has a history with Islamic extremism that resulted in thousands of people dying. But when liberal activists and special interest groups caught wind of it’s existence, it had to go.

In 2014 the New York Times reported that the Demographics Unit would no longer exist. They didn’t make this decision on their own. They were pressed into the move by a feminist Sharia Law advocate & liberal activist named Linda Sarour [sic]. You might remember Linda from the Women’s March in DC earlier this year. She’s part of the Arab American Association of New York. She also called for a Jihad against President Trump [her words, not mine]. And she really dislikes Israel [the only Jewish state on Earth].