Most Europeans Back Ban From Muslim-Majority Countries


Even if President Donald Trump’s so-called Muslim ban (it wasn’t actually a Muslim ban, but that’s how the mainstream media builds a fake news narrative) was received with blood, sweat and tears by the progressives in the United States, including a couple of Federal judges who chose to oppose it, a huge number of Europeans are backing Trump’s ban.

And guess why: because for the last couple of years, the European Union was confronted with a huge wave of Middle Eastern/Northern African alleged “refugees” arriving from predominantly Muslim countries.

Approximately 2 million “refugees” entered Germany alone since 2015 and the real number from all across Europe is a total mystery, as these folks were allowed to enter the EU without papers and without any type of vetting.

And that’s what President Trump wants to prevent America from getting: a huge number of potential terrorists, jihadists and welfare shoppers from the third world who can’t speak the English language and hate Americans and Western values.

An impressive forty seven percent of Britons agree to a total ban on immigration from Muslim majority countries according to a very recent poll conducted by the  Chatham House.

The study surveyed ten EU countries and on average, 55% of those interviewed said that they want to stop all future immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries.

Only 20% disagreed with the ban and 25% had no opinion. Out of the 10 surveyed EU countries, all but two found majorities opposing Muslim immigration.

The ban was supported by 71% of people in Poland, 65% in Austria, 51% in Italy and 53% in Germany. This study confirms a previous  Pew survey from 2016, according to which majorities in 5 European countries had an unfavorable view regarding Muslim immigration. Of the countries surveyed by Pew, 72% of Hungarians, 69% of Italians, 66% of Poles, 65% of Greeks and 50% of Spaniards had a negative view of Muslims living in their country.

Source: Independent