MSNBC Host Compares President Trump to ‘Suicide Bomber’

donald trump

It must be something in the air affecting the synapses of liberals and leftists world-wide, or maybe it’s the heat wave that plagues large regions in the US, who knows? The thing is, now it’s Elise Jordan’s turn to brain-fart something along the lines of : defending the POTUS is like hugging a suicide bomber.

The MSNBC host tried her best to warn those clueless Republicans against defending the POTUS actions on Thursday; you know, those poor Republicans that already scored a 4-0 victory against Democrats in the special elections (thanks to Donald Trump, obviously); and yes, the same Republicans who now control the White House, the Senate and the House are really having a bad year in her view. Hence, Elise Jordan in her infinite progressive wisdom seems to believe that defending the fact-challenged President Trump is like hugging a suicide bomber.

But let’s see the MSNBC host in action:



Earlier in the broadcast I said the President was bluffing. I may have been perhaps too fair. It would seem as if the President would have been lying all along about the existence of these tapes. He wasted the country’s collective time speculating over whether these tapes existed or not. It’s a sad day when you can’t depend on the President’s word. My advice would be to the Republicans who cozy up to him–it’s just like hugging a suicide bomber. He blows you up in the process with him.”
In case you are wondering what’s up with the left going berserk, President Trump has said earlier on Thursday via Twitter that he does not have the recordings of his conversations with James Comey.




Since Trump trolled the corporate left-wing press about possible so-called secret “tapes” containing his conversations with former FBI director James Comey, the media has tried to to figure out if the recordings are real or not, hence Trump’s latest tweets really struck a nerve, making MSNBC’s host to practically lose her mind. The thing is, The Donald never claimed that he has the tapes. To quote the POTUS:

James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!”

which can be described as the perfect bluff, and also a master-troll move that rattled Comey and his lapdog media. Gotta love how Trump baits these idiots. It literally drives them over the edge! They have obviously never read the Art of the Deal.