MTV Music Awards Plays ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ Song During Commercial Break (VIDEO)

mtv music awards fuck donald trump

The MTV Music Awards, which are increasingly less entertaining year after year, boasting their lip-syncing pop-artists (more or less naked) spewing illiterate and hateful lyrics while playing cheap political stunts just reached a new low this year. As you can see from the video below, a song performed by the so-called artists YG & Nipsey Hussle was played during a commercial break.


The attendees at the MTV Music Awards shared the song played by the aforementioned rappers inside the arena via social media. If you can’t hear the “music”, the lyrics go something like this:

“I thought all that Donald Trump bullshit was a joke//Know what//they say when rich niggas go broke//Look, Reagan sold coke, Obama sold hope//Donald Trump spent his trust fund money on the vote”

Obviously, this wasn’t the first time when the organizers of the MTV Music Awards took cheap shots at the POTUS. Previously, it was  Paris Jackson’s turn to virtue signal while addressing the so-called white supremacist rally which ended up in violence and one death last week in Charlottesville:

“If we were to all stand up, united, as one, our impact, it would be, huge. Believe me…yuge and that’s not fake news. So, let’s leave here tonight remembering that we must show these nazi white supremacist jerks in Charlottesville and all over the country that as a nation with liberty as our slogan, we have zero tolerance for their violence, their hatred, and their discrimination!”

While MTV worked hard at radicalizing their viewers and persuade them to hate the white-supremacist-nazis aka Trump supporters and the POTUS himself, Antifa and various other leftist thugs terrorized the Berkeley rally attendees and beat up Trump supporters on Sunday.


In a historic moment for left-wing journalism, Washington Post admitted today (and stunned the nation of deplorables in the process) that the left (Antifa) was behind Berkeley violence on Sunday.



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