Much Ado About Nothing- The Real Story Behind Mueller’s First Indictments

mueller investigation russia

To begin with the biggest non-story of this week, special counsel Robert Mueller didn’t find anything on Donald Trump or his campaign. So he brought charges against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates that involved – not Trump or his campaign directly or indirectly – but Manafort and his protege Gate’s prior activities and actions, in the desperation of squeezing something out of them.

Mueller has  Papadopolous dead to rights, I agree, but that guy is so insignificant that he isn’t the basis for anything else, because he acted on his own for a very brief period of time.

So what do we have here? Two years or more of various government agencies carrying out an investigation, and we get one campaign-related charge about an unpaid volunteer who was quickly scrubbed by the campaign. And what’s the charge? The volunteer lied about when he spoke to some Russian professor! Pathetic.

On the Russians trying to influence the election: Vladimir Putin said himself when the whole Russia, Russia, Russia circus started that it was ridiculous to assume that any foreign entity could influence the American election of a President.

He is right. If it could be done,and he would know being an ex-KGB officer, the Soviets would have made sure there was no chance of Ronald Reagan becoming President.

The US system of elections is chaotic, haphazard and completely decentralized. Not only that, it is representative and not Democratic. The Secretary of the State certifies the vote and the electoral college representative votes the majority.

I know it was a big story a few months ago, but there was a big deal about this issue, i.e. sore loser Democrats trying to get those representatives (electors) not to do their jobs under the idea of the popular vote and again, those pesky Russians.

So here we are nearly a year later: Manafort, Gates and Popadopolous are and were Establishment, swamp rats, GOP or whatchamacallit. Mueller wants someone high up.He isn’t going to get the President. At best, very best, he appears to be aiming for Sessions. That is a big enough prize for him.

The well might already be dry and is skirting very, but very close to boomerang back at the DNC with the Podesta group. I doubt the DNC and Establishment GOP Confederacy (the so called Uniparty system) want the Special Prosecutor anywhere near that company. I have zero problems with Sessions resigning and Jared being out completely from the White House.

So if Mueller gets Sessions, so what, he has been letting the American people down for months and not doing his job. The scandals of the DNC and Establishment GOP Confederacy are deep and pervasive throughout government.

I have zero problems with that Confederacy taking a hit and going to jail if that is what happens in the future, as we already see how many of those government forces are on the run.

When the FBI informant will be able to testify, everything will change as the investigations into the Confederacy get underway.

Stay safe. Happy Halloween.