Mueller Assembles Grand Jury in Russia Probe

mueller grand jury russia probe

Special counsel Robert Mueller announced on Thursday that he’s going to ramp up his investigation into the Russia conspiracy theory/collusion or whatever by  assembling a Grand Jury. According to the Wall Street Journal, Robert Mueller is set to impanel a fancy-sounding Washington Grand Jury in order to investigate the “interference” on Russia’s part in the 2016 election cycle.

To make a long story short, the witch hunt just got worse, as Robert Mueller already notified acting FBI director Andrew McCabe and former FBI boss James Comey that they’ll be summoned to testify against the POTUS, as he seems to believe there’s a strong case to be made with regard to the President obstructing justice or something along these lines. Comey and McCabe along with as many as ten senior law enforcement officials are likely to be questioned by Mueller as part of his team’s investigation into whether Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice.

Let me guess, the Grand Jury will be all former employees of the Clintons as well. The thing is, DC is made up of 96% of people who vote Democrat. Now tell me the Grand Jury will be impartial. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell to you.

Joke aside, to put things into perspective: there was no Grand Jury for Obama’s IRS targeting US citizens (read conservatives) based on political affiliation, no Grand Jury for Hillary, but this? This is what revolutions are made of folks. I think that Mueller and the whole Russia thing already crossed the line into sedition. Everyone in the media/government knows the Russia hoax is a lie, and so does Robert Mueller.



Never before have we seen so much corruption in our government just to take down one man. The level of conspiracy and real collusion between the media, the deep state and the cross party establishment is mind blowing. This Deep State move against the President will not end well. If they’re able to remove the President, the country will erupt into civil war.



Stay tuned.