Mujahideen Shot Down US Reaper Drone over Afghanistan

reaper drone shot down afghanistan

Even if Reaper drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) make for one of the most powerful, sophisticated and advanced weapons in the United States paraphernalia, one of these high end gizmos was shot down over Afghanistan by Mujahideen pertaining to  the Islamic Emirate. The news was reported by the Voice of Jihad, via The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, making for one of the rare successful attacks of its kind, considering that Reaper drones can fly as high as ten miles.

The picture depicts a seemingly undamaged MQ-9 Reaper drone, which boasts a price tag north of ten million dollars. This type of high-end drone carries up to 1.7 metric tons of bombs and missiles and can stay airborne up to thirty six hours. The wrecked drone was supposedly seized by the Afghan Islamists and what’s really strange is that the US military kept very hush-hush about the incident, offering zero commentaries so far.

According to various military analysts, the attack may be related to a recent US drone strike on Friday which killed fourteen ISIS operatives in the northern border-region of Afghanistan, in the Kunar province.

Also, one can speculate that the timing of the attack may indicate a signal (read involvement) from the Iranians. And the proof of Iranian (or other foreign actors) involvement is in the pudding, i.e. a shot down drone in one piece (as per the picture) is nonsensical. Most probably, the system was hacked and the Reaper drone forced to land via a spoof GPS hack, which is well known (Iran did that in the past).