Multiculturalism 101: Armed Military Replace Cops on Danish Streets

military on Denmark's streets

Denmark is set to deploy armed troops on the streets thus replacing regular police officers at potential terrorists targets in the country’s capital Copenhagen and the same goes at the southern border with Germany. The process is set to begin on Friday and according to Rigspolitiet, the Danish National Police, one hundred and sixty armed soldiers will take over guard duties at various Jewish “terrorist soft targets”, such as Copenhagen’s Great Synagogue which is located in the city center, along with patrolling the border.

Since a Danish born of Palestinian descent Islamic terrorist shot and killed  a volunteer security guard at Copenhagen’s Great Synagogue back in 2015, namely Dan Uzan, the Jewish place of prayer has been under regular surveillance and police protection. The killer named Omar El-Hussein attacked a cultural center hosting a free speech event earlier the same night by using an assault rifle, killing Finn Nørgaard , a 55 year old Danish citizen and injuring several cops.

The Islamic terrorist was later shot by Danish security forces and killed. Denmark’s plan to put armed soldiers at its southern border and on Copenhagen’s streets to guard potential terrorist targets is aimed at helping an undermanned and overworked police force. The plan was discussed for more than a year due to the fact that Danish police are basically unable to carry out their basic duties (just like in Sweden) due to a spike in criminality following the massive Muslim immigration, which created parallel societies, especially in Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city after Copenhagen.

The thing is, it is illegal in Denmark to register individuals religious affiliation, hence there’s no way to tell how many Muslims are living in the country. However, there are at least 140 mosques concentrated in the country’s three largest cities.


Photo: Jens Nørgaard Larsen/Scanpix 2017