Muslim Woman “made up” NY Subway Hate Attack Story

The alleged incident was blamed on Trump supporters

A young woman who earlier reported that she was harassed on the New York subway by supporters of President-elect Trump has been arrested for fabricating the story, according to officials.

The 18-years-old Yasmin Seweid said that she was called a “terrorist” by three men.

She has now been charged for filing a false report and obstructing governmental administration (which means that the police were kept from their work throughout investigating a potentially bogus crime).

She has now reportedly admitted that she fabricated the story as an excuse, as she had been drinking out and didn’t want a confrontation with her parents.

The student had originally told the police that the men told her to “go back to your country, you don’t belong here.” And then they came close and told her to “take that rag off your head.”

She also added that no bystander intervened even when the men tried to tear off her scarf. She further alleged that one of the men tried to grab her bag, breaking the strap during the alleged incident on December 1. She called the incident “traumatizing” and talked to multiple news organizations about it. One day after the incident, she wrote this on her Facebook page:-

It breaks my heart that so many individuals chose to be bystanders while watching me get harassed verbally and physically by these disgusting pigs.

The officials got suspicious about Yasmin’s account as they couldn’t find any witnesses to the incident or any significant video to prove what Yasmin contended.

Yasmin got missing last Friday, and the incident was widely covered by the U.S. media. She was found after one day. The local county police didn’t reveal where she had been during the time she was missing but just reported that she was safe and she turned up at her sister’s house in Fishkill on Saturday.

She was arrested on Wednesday and admitted that she fabricated the whole story to avoid getting into trouble with her parents. Police sources also reported that Yasmin admitted that she had been out drinking with friends, and made up the story to distract her angry father.

She was arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court and was released Thursday morning. She appeared before the court without a veil and a fresh buzz cut. It was reported by unnamed sources in NY Daily Times, that her parents had allegedly forced her to shave her head off over the incident.

Released on Thursday, Ms. Seweid faces up to a year in jail for each charge.

The days after the election of Mr. Trump in November saw an increased number of alleged cases of intimidation and abuse in the country. A monitoring group, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) reported that many of these cases were linked to Trump supporters. It also came after FBI reported 67% rise in anti-Muslim bigotry last year.