NATO Accuses Russia of ‘Fake News’ As Tensions in Eastern Europe Remain High

Western mainstream media and NATO officials have accused Russia of planing an invasion in Eastern Europe

NATO has continued to deploy troops and military equipment across Eastern Europe, as a part of a response to the alleged ‘Russian threat’.

While both sides continue to increase their military presence, NATO has accused Russia of ‘fake news’.

NATO and EU officials have stated that Kremlin has ‘escalated the disinformation campaign’ since the Russian takeover of Crimea in 2014. The West continues to accuse Russia of propaganda campaign, and specifically, spreading ‘fake news’ as a mean to undermine the credibility of its opponents.

At the same time, almost all mainstream Western media are unanimous in their condemnation of Russia as an aggressive country, and their portrayal of Putin as a dictator bent on world domination.

In the midst of accusations against Russian propaganda efforts, the West has launched an almost unprecedented campaign against Russia.

The outbursts of anti-Russian hysteria, so incompatible with journalistic standard of honesty and objectivity, have been particularly harsh in the leading Western media such as CNN and BBC.

One notable example is the recent CNN interview with Marine Le Pen, the leader of Front National, the leading opposition party in France, known for its dissenting stance on Russia.

Christiane Amanpour, who interviewed Le Pen, has been extremely aggressive and continually accused Russia of ‘invading Ukraine’.

In a recent Twitter post, NATO listed 30 myths that Russian media have supposedly published. What NATO has called ‘facts on Russia, Ukraine and NATO’ fails to provide any real links or any other sort of evidence that Russia has been spreading false news.

On the other hand, it seems that NATO, the EU, and other Western power centers, are unable to cope with the reality that their narrative is now under increased scrutiny from other media. Promoting a viewpoint different than what mainstream Western media are reporting poses a serious challenge for Western elites.

In the past, intense mainstream media support has provided Western elites with a necessary justification for their wars in the Middle East – most notably in Iraq, when the media have actively participated in promoting a false assertion that Saddam Hussein has the weapons of mass destruction.

We could witness the repeat of the same scenario in conflict in Libya, Syria and Ukraine. Again, like in Iraq, various Western mainstream media have been exposed, either promoting unsubstantiated or completely false information.

Despite a serious problem with their own credibility, NATO, backed by mainstream media machinery, continues to accuse Russia of propaganda.

What seems certain is that information warfare between the West and Russia will continue.

Source/Image: Reuters