NBA Memo Tells Players They Must Stand for the National Anthem

nba national anthem protest

The latest in the “let’s protest the American flag and national anthem to show how much we care for black on black violence” extravaganza comes from the NBA, which sent a memo to all thirty teams, warning players they are required to stand while the national anthem is played. The memo also instructs teams that they may give a pre-game “message of unity” or something along these lines if they so desire, but national anthem protests/kneeling or whatever is a no-go.

The memo was sent late Friday and all thirty teams were warned that the NBA allows no exceptions to that rule. Written by deputy commissioner Mark Tatum, the memo reads that the league has the right and the will to discipline players who are not complying with the rule-book. Just like with the NFL, that already has a rule in their books which prohibits players from kneeling during the national anthem, yet they chose to not enforce the respective rule, the NBA also requires its players to stand for the anthem.

According to Mark Tatum’s memo:

‘the league office will determine how to deal with any possible instance in which a player, coach, or trainer does not stand for the anthem.’

and adds that individual teams, let me quote again:

‘do not have the discretion to waive’ the rule.

The memo encourages teams, coaches and various others pundits moonshining as social justice warriors to give the public a pre-game address if so inclined. It looks like Americans voting with their dollars while supporting President Trump’s kneeling feud with the NFL are really making an impact. And as a logical result, the NBA, which already saw a steep drop in recent years in regard to viewership numbers chose to take preemptive/proactive measures.

So far, the NFL failed to explicitly demand its players to stand for the national anthem.