NBC News Mocks London Terror Report, CNN Host Calls Trump ‘Piece of Shit’

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Following the Islamic terrorist attack on the London Bridge, President Donald Trump re-tweeted Matt Drudge’s tweet earlier on Saturday night:



trump tweet

NBC News hosts were not very happy to see that the POTUS used this opportunity to further call for the reinforcement of his exec-order travel ban regarding six Muslim majority countries in the Middle East and they slammed the President on Twitter, check this out:


It’s obvious that President Trump has access to better Intel than the general public, or even the so-called news-media. He’s hasn’t been wrong either, but that’s the real problem actually.

On the dark side of the news,  Reza Aslan (an Iranian Shia Muslim refugee), the same CNN host who ate human brains live on camera just called President Trump a ‘piece of shit’ on Twitter for correctly identifying the Saturday night Islamic terrorist attack in London.



This is what triggered the cannibal:




Looking at what happens in Europe, I must notice there’s a pathology at work here. Western politicians seem to think that dead citizens are a badge of honor or something, a way through which they can engage in virtue signaling in order to showcase the degree of their tolerance; and that’s because politicians are never affected by the consequences of their policies. The more deaths and the more inaction and denial to follow, the more they can parade their tolerance to other western leaders in a circle-jerk type of politically correct rhetoric.

On the good side of the news, thanks to the corporate left wing media that has gone full retard, Trump has his re-election secured.