Networks Push ‘Impeachment’

fake news

After Monday’s fake news story published by Jeff Bezos’ blog, the mainstream corporate leftist media had a field day, smelling blood in the water so to speak and pushing impeachment with frenzy each time they’ve interviewed a Democratic politician.

The Washington Post’s Monday fake news story claimed (based on anonymous sources, as usual) that President Donald Trump has revealed classified intel to those pesky ruskies. And on Tuesday, almost every interview by major media outlets featuring a Democrat included a loaded question, i.e. whether Donald Trump should face impeachment, or if we’re getting closer to that magic moment and all that libtard nonsense we all know and love (pun intended).

As usual, the very fake news outlet CNN via Wolf Blitzer has been working frantically at smearing the POTUS, as they’ve talked about impeachment on three separate occasions on Tuesday alone. Blitzer inquired Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) during a Tuesday interview about his opinion on another claim from the  New York Times, alleging that President Donald Trump asked former FBI director Comey to drop the investigation into Mike Flynn.

Blitzer asked the DEM Senator if “we’re getting closer to the possibility of yet another impeachment” ? The hope in his voice was obvious even for a 5 year old. Also, the CNN anchor flatly stated that if the  New York Times article is genuine, it would make for an impeachable offence on the POTUS part, i.e. it wasn’t even a question but a statement of facts, at least in his view. I mean, CNN and their liberal mouthpieces are  not even pretending anymore that they’re not biased as hell. They’ve renounced at any pretense to journalistic integrity and objectivity, as they’re now all-in in destroying Trump’s presidency at any costs.

Check out the links below and you’ll see how the corporate mainstream media were continuously trying to bait their DEM guests into going for impeachment procedures, just take a look and judge for yourself: