New Anti Trump Groups Bow Before George Soros

A number of America’s wealthiest DEM donors which are aligned with George Soros’ agenda are seriously considering funding Anti Trump activists.

A network of George Soros financed NGOs and wealthy left leaning individuals are looking to provide support and financing to a number of fresh activist/SJW based groups which have emerged since Election Day, with the clear purpose of undermining/delegitimizing President Donald Trump’s political agenda.

The Democracy Alliance is a highly influential donor coalition that will hold a private meeting in Washington this spring, during which the leaders of Indivisible and the organizers of January’s Women March on DC will make presentations, according to Gara LeMarche, the group’s president.

Indivisible is one of the leading Anti Trump groups and Gara LeMarche stated that she already tried to connect it with some of the Democracy Alliance’s donors.

Indivisible is at the forefront of Anti Donald Trump efforts and the group is organized by former Democratic congressional aides. These guys are so dedicated to their “mission” that they’ve concocted a strange how-to list for resisting the Trump agenda, which is making America great again, i.e. these guys are anti America by any definition, but that’s why they’ve lost the election in the first place.

According to organizers, more than 5500 local groups from all over US are using the aforementioned “how to resist Trump agenda” guide in order to fight the new administration’s implementation of policies.

The alliance is aligned with/sponsored by George Soros and it is now seeking further financing for creating a money slush fund that can be used by other similar groups on an array of issues, ranging from financing “grass roots”  (pun intended) protests/movements  to challenging the deportation of illegal immigrants.

Sean Spicer called this type of “liberal activism” as a very paid Astroturf type movement, with President Trump himself twitting that a lot of the so called angry protesters confronting REPs were actually planned and financed by liberal activists.

The Democracy Alliance was formed in 2005 and it has close ties with Taco Bell’s heir Rob McCay and a number of wealthy DEMs, including George Soros, which all helped with founding the group.

The alliance supports (financially) Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action, Color of Change and Center for American Progress.

Source Photo: AP